Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Welcome to the online gallery of Stewart Moskowitz!

Stewart Moskowitz is an internationally known fine artist whose whimsical images provide a warm and witty comment on contemporary life. His artwork has an undeniable universal appeal that has entertained generations of fans. Enter Gallery Now and see the Whimsical Art of Stewart (Stu) Moskowitz. Welcome to our Online Gallery!

Here you will find information about the artist (click here).

We hope you enjoy this great sampling of Stewart's artwork. (click here) to buy some great artwork for your home or workplace. We have all kinds of whimsical merchandise such as collector clocks, collector license plates, art prints, postcards, posters, limited editions and original artwork.

Be sure to check back with this site often as we will be updating the site with new artwork regularly. All images and artwork on this site are copyright Please feel free to email us (click here) with your comments or questions.

You may already know that Stewart Stu Moskowitz has been making original whimsical art, posters, and prints for many years. I'm sure you will find that any of his art work would make a wonderful gift for your: doctor, pediatrician, children, kid, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, grandchild, nephew, niece, kids, child or that special person you would like to make laugh with Stewert Moskowit's funny pictures and colorful animal art. People worldwide laugh and smile when they see Stew's goofy, silly yet absolutely positive gallery or exhibit of pictures. From the American Rabbit to Noah's Sub you can see Moskowitz's talent to take depictions of animals such as: cows, dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, bunnies, turkeys, ocean life, pets, dinosaurs, aquariums, birds, sea creatures, zoo animals, bucks, dinos, penguins, chickens and alligators and turn them into whimsy original art such as First Cows in Space which shows cows landing on mars or the moon. Kids adore his images like candy! Stuart Moskowitz's artistic museum quality artwork is available for purchase in posters, limited edition serigraph silkscreen, and hand painted originals.

Enjoy the site!

Andrew Kruss, Online Curator
Ven-American, Miami Florida

(305) 858-1188

PS. Don't forget that in addition to this shopping web site, Stewart's bright creative graphic works are available wholesale (in quantity) or available for licensing for merchandise and marketing campaigns, toys or movies.

At the height of his success, Moskowitz took a creative retreat to fill the demand for paintings in the private sector, which resulted in numerous museum exhibitions worldwide.
Add to your collection some of Stu's great original art.
The Limited Edition Serigraphs are printed on 100% acid-free archival paper.
Each print is hand signed/numbered by the artist and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
Stewart has always been a master at making people "feel good" through his posters.
"I have always felt a painting was incomplete until it has been made into a poster and reaches out to the general population."
- Stewart Moskowitz

You now have the opportunity to view and buy some of his latest posters and art prints.
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